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“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, You will never cease to grow
- Anthony J. D'Angelo

Keeping the same in mind, we the Swasthya Kalyan Group have developed learning platforms for the students and learners to aid in establishing new milestones, successful ventures and flourishing lives.

Swasthya Kalyan Group was established in 1982 and runs under Puranmal Phoola Devi Memorial Trust. The Group is focussed towards the welfare of people through our educational and healthcare services. Over years, we have encouraged ideas, nurtured talents and served people with utmost dedication and commitment. The Group represents a highly evolved environment of teaching and research, infrastructure comparable to the best amongst its peers, and a highly qualified and respected faculty.

Our journey is started in 1980 and we establish Swasthya Kalyan Hospital in 1982 We have had a proven ourselves in medical field with record of producing the most educated professionals. And, it is this reason the journey which started with the establishment of a single Hospital in the year 1982, has never ceased to grow. Swasthya Kalyan Group establish First PPP mode X-ray machine of Rajasthan at Amar Jain Hospital 1984, it was Swasthya Kalyan Group who establish First private ambulance services of Rajasthan 1988, It was Swasthya Kalyan Group who establish First Non Government private blood bank of Rajasthan 1995 and today group have 5 blood banks in Jaipur, It was Swashya Kalyan Group who started First nuclear imaging services (Gamma Camera) of Rajasthan, it was Swasthya Kalyan Group who started First component separator & platelets separation facility in Rajasthan 1998. Today, we are the proud owners of 6 institutes including 3 Homoeopathic Hospitals with one Multispecialty hospital and 5 blood banks.  Undoubtedly, we are the leading educational and Medical network in Rajasthan.

With over four decades of combined history, the Group has diversified in the fields of Education and Healthcare. Presently, the Group’s concentration has been more of the fields of Education which paves the way for success stories and builds a better tomorrow. An innovative approach at every step towards success sets the SKGI apart. We chose to provide practically oriented education combined with a strong academic focus, developed specifically to meet industry needs.

Since the start of the journey, our motto has been ‘the vision beyond’.And, it is for the students to comprehend the motto in accordance with their  perception. They can associate it with a vision beyond sight in order to accomplish the goals which are far away from their sight. Or, as a vision beyond dreams, enabling them to work with diligence, achieving the limitless sky! Or, even a vision beyond excellence, nurturing in them the power of knowledge. So, come over and start the journey which motivates you at every step, which gives you wings to soar new heights.

The Attributes Which We Are Proud Of


Our campuses have been developed specifically to provide students with a challenging and rewarding experience in an optimal learning environment. It includes extensive academic and social support services to assist our students to succeed.

Dedicated team

The most diligent, knowledgeable and organized team of educators with 300 members is a part of us. Mingle it with the best-supporting staff of 1400 members and there is no looking back for us.

Career focused curriculum

Our curriculum is so made that it focuses on career-driven strategies. It involves diverse practical and theoretical approach to aid the students to fabricate a sound career.

The guiding light

6 institutes, 5,000 students and 200 classrooms has been possible with the guiding light and motivation of the chairman of the group.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Since we have a variety of streams being taught in our institutes, we make sure to follow the finest standards with excellence. Each and every course we have gives the students preeminence in the learning procedure, the premium tools and the state-of-the-art infrastructure

Plethora of courses

A plethora of courses are executed at our K-12, undergraduate and post graduate programs.

Quality Education

With well-updated courses for our students, we have made sure to establish a benchmark for ourselves. The finest of the courses are preparing students for successful careers in the real world. We make sure to keep our courses up-to-date, reflecting the latest trends owing to our close association with the industry.

Well structured placement cell

With a well-structured placement cell and comprehensive assistance availing the finest positions in the real world becomes easy.

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